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The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network is the first of its kind – showing ground-floor opportunities into some of the world’s hottest startups and trendiest enterprises, those determined to change the world… and show investors huge profits along the way.

the startup investor

As a startup founder, I was always hustling, trying to find private investors. That’s because every company – including Google, Amazon, and Facebook – starts out small, needing an influx of capital to grow larger.

And that’s where YOU come in.

I watched a lot of my investors in those days get rich just by getting in early. Here’s why: a young startup has almost unlimited growth potential, and its stock value grows with it.

Investing in a company that’s already worth nine figures? Sure, good picks will sw some growth… but they can’t match the returns you’d see if you got in back when that business was worth peanuts.

Buying private equity is like hacking the investment world. Everyone out there is chasing the stock market… when in fact, 90 percent of growth happens before a company goes public. Early investing is a no-brainer.

That’s why I spend more time these days on the other side of the table – as an angel investor. That means I get to be one of the first to put capital into young and promising companies. Call it my way of giving back to the entrepreneurial world that allowed me to become so successful.

But make no mistake: it has ended up paying me back, too. I’ve made some unbelievable returns backing early-stage startups. Now, I’m here to teach you to do the same.

As a Startup Investor, you are now part of a global network of angels and entrepreneurs that are changing the world, one deal at a time – all while making a huge profit.

Sounds like more fun than the stock market, doesn’t it?

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s lay down some groundwork. I’ll walk you through my process, share my strategies, and show you the secrets to boosting your success rate.

And once you have it down, we can start raising the stakes and making bigger deals – the kind of deals that yield massive returns, all with the added bonus of being able to say you were at the cap table when the next giant went big.

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Neil Patel Angel Network

The Angel & Entrepreneurs Network is a groundbreaking angel investment research service, devoted entirely to those who want the opportunity to change the world… and all the life-changing wealth that could follow.

Angel investing used to be a game reserved for JUST the rich and powerful – the ones who have a net worth of over $1 million or those who’ve made $200,000 in a single year.

But thanks to a recent law passed by Congress…

It’s finally possible for everyday Americans to stake their claim in some of the most exciting companies – while they’re still in the startup stage

Before a company goes public, they’ve been raising money for years to develop new products, new technologies, and new ideas. The capital needed for a successful company to thrive could be anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. And angels are the ones providing it.

And after all is said and done, they’re the ones the company owes the world to – probably even more than that.

That’s because, along the way, those angels don’t provide just money.

Angels give founders the hope and security to achieve their dreams… and the owners know that.

That’s why business owners could payout those angels with more money than they ever thought imaginable…

1,000% or more is possible when you’re providing the material that makes their dream a reality.

You could turn a small stake into $5 million.

That’s their way of giving back.

And now it’s time for you to claim your piece.

Serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and world-renowned angel investor, Neil Patel, lets members of The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network in on two recommendations to world-changing startups every single month.

He developed a special formula – called the 1,000X Formula – this means he looks for companies with the most upside using his special tactics and techniques.

Not only that, but while getting a shot at becoming rich, members have the opportunity to change the world with these startups… to turn dreams into realities.

What are you waiting for?

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Neil Patel Private Deal Flow

The two words that separate someone who has made millions – or tens of millions – backing startups versus someone who’s never experienced any success are Deal Flow.

Deal Flow is what separates investors who settle for Wall Street’s table scraps from those who create generational wealth for themselves and their family.

We’re talking about the angel investors who bought into Pinterest or Zoom versus the stock investors who bought at IPO day.

If you were one of the last-minute investors who bought into the stock post-IPO, you would’ve seen gains of 28% and 72%. Not bad – but also not generational wealth.

On that same day, angel investors saw gains of 583,264% and 106,127%.

That’s like turning a small stake of $5,000 into $29 million.

That’sthe generational wealth we’re talking about.

It’s also the reason you want to have a good Deal Flow. Those angels who cashed out on IPO day had an incredible Deal Flow – the best of the best.

As a member of The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, you’re already well on your way to creating a foundational Deal Flow for yourself.

But with Neil Patel’s Private Deal Flow– our team takes it up a notch.

You see, in addition to all of the deal opportunities our team brings you, we also have a secret weapon – Neil – and he has Deal Flow because of his own companies.

One of his firms handles a big chunk of Google’s business.

He works with Airbnb, Salesforce.com, and Microsoft. There’s a good chance that if the company is a part of the Fortune 500… Neil works with them, too.

When many of the executives from these companies go off and launch their own startups, they call Neil.

He’s getting the first crack at investing in these founders.

And members of Neil Patel’s Private Deal Flow are receiving the deal opportunities that have been fully vetted by us – like the ones he’s willing to put his own money into; the deals he wants to have skin in the game for.

Neil will Share the Hottest Startups from his Private Deal Flow with You!

These members receive a first shots at these deals – before venture capital firms can even touch them.

And we want you to be a part of it.

“These are the deals I’m willing to put my own money into”


This locked recommendation is just one of many that we let Neil Patel’s Private Deal Flow members know about every single month – on top of what they’re already used to seeing as members of The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network.

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